What Are Your Facility Goals in 2024?

If your goal is to enhance your facility's image (while saving time and money), a managed facility services program is your solution.

Michael's Custom Logo Entrance Mat

Strengthen Your Brand Presence With Logo Mats

Branding is important for many reasons. It inspires employee pride, builds customer trust, and creates brand loyalty - and it can start with something as simple and efficient as a logo mat.

First impressions are everything - a striking logo mat that reflects your brand is a sure way to impress anyone walking through your doors. Not only does this strenghten your image, but it protects your floors from outside dirt and debris (which can ruin your floors and cause an unsafe, wet environment).

Save Money On Restroom Supplies

Did you also know that 70% of visitors rank a clean restroom as extremely important? Did you also know that a managed restroom program saves you 1 hour & 34 minutes shopping, restocking, and storing consumable restroom supplies?

Our Service Representatives check your restroom inventory on a regular schedule, supplementing as needed to ensure your supplies are always functional and available. From our complete paper and soap dispenser line, to our scent solutions - your restrooms will be looking and smelling the best they ever have this year!

A Lechner Route Service Representative servicing a Transcend restroom towel dispenser

A Convenient & Simple Solution to Sanitation

We all know how valuable time is. Supplying your own cleaning chemicals is a sure way to waste unnecessary time and product due to incorrect measuring, storing, and pouring. 

Our easy-to-use cleaning chemicals save you time AND product, saving you money in the long-run. 

Paired with our mops and towels, they are sure to keep your facility clean and sanitized.

Ensure Compliance in 2024

Did you know the average penalty for violating OSHA is $14,502 per violation?

Compliance guidelines are always changing, and it is our job as the safety experts to stay up to date with all regulations! We'll keep your first aid cabinets, AED's, and eyewash stations compliant and ready-to-protect, so you never have to worry about safety in the workplace.

Carly Reaching AED Edit-01

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