Our fully integrated website allows you to manage your entire uniform program online.

Add or delete employees

Increase or decrease inventories

View and pay invoices


We're there for you in person, on the phone or online - you decide.



Find 'Accounts' on the navigation bar on top, and click 'Invoice Summary.'

To View An Invoice

Click 'View' next to the invoice you'd like to view.


To Pay An Invoice

Select the invoice (or invoices) you'd like to pay, and click 'Pay Invoices'.

Want A PDF Of Your Invoice?

When viewing an invoice, scroll down to email yourself a printable PDF copy!

You can also manage your uniform program through 'Contracts' on the navigation bar on top.

Employee Garment Information

  • Search for individual employee by first and last name
  • Add additional wearers

Delivery Information

  • View your scheduled deliveries and contact person
  • See how often the delivery is

Wearer Detail

  • View delivery schedule for a specific employee, increase and decrease garment quantities, and see what garments the employee is in
  • 'Quit Wearer' so that you aren't charged for garments the employee no longer needs

Garment Information

  • Click 'Garment IDs' to view all the individual garments, the last time it was turned in, the date in service, and how many times it has been washed
  • Click 'History' to view how many times each individual garment was turned in

Ancillary Items

  • View all of the facility products your facility uses and the amount of each
  • Increase, decrease, or even add new items in real time
  • View what items are currently on order via the 'Open Orders' tab