Keep your employees comfortable throughout the workday with an anti-fatigue mat rental service!

Complete Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat

Complete Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat

Reduce Discomfort

Improve Employee Morale

Maximize Productivity

Keep your employees happy and comfortable throughout the work day.

Being comfortable while on the job has proven to increase productivity and efficiency. Our anti-fatigue mat rental service is recommended for commercial and industrial settings where employees work on their feet for long periods of time. The cushioning on the anti-fatigue mat prevents foot and back fatigue. With a mat rental service, you will have clean mats delivered to your facility on a weekly basis so that your floors are always covered.

Its 5/8" thick nitrile-bended foam provides superior anti-fatigue properties, and its anti-microbial treatment provides lifetime protection from odors and degradation.

All of our mats are NFSI Certified, meaning they have a wet slip resistance that helps reduce slips, trips, and falls!

The beveled edges of the anti-fatigue mat provide a safe transition from floor to mat, making it not only a comfortable mat, but a safe one.

Anti-fatigue mat

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