Steel Mills/Foundry

Durable, Clean, and Comfortable Uniforms to Keep Your Employees Safe, Compliant, and Productive.

The State of Illinois has a long and proud history of successful steel mills and foundry businesses. At Lechner Services, we want to make sure your company can carry that legacy on with quality and safety in mind.

The work environments your employees face on a daily basis are some of the harshest ones we encounter. We pride ourselves on taking 50 years of experience in the uniform business to provide you with the best possible solution for your business and employees.

Some of the high-quality garments we can provide for your business are:

● Work gloves including cut resistant gloves and heat resistant gloves

● Protective eyewear

● Flame Resistant Clothing

● Safety jackets

● Aluminized jackets

Lechner Services blue Enhanced Vis jackets with yellow reflective stripes down the sleeve

Metal splashes and sparks are among the top concerns for workers in steel mills and foundries. Chemicals and liquids, impaired vision, hot steam, or simply handling abrasive material; Selecting the right protective clothing can help your employees avoid the hazards of their jobs and go home safe and sound.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) creates standards for personal protective equipment (PPE) for environments where employees are at risk for flash fire exposure and short-duration thermal exposures to fire. NFPA 2112 is an industry-standard for flame-resistant garments for the protection of industrial personnel against flash fire.

NFPA 2113 is an industry-standard to ensure selection, uses, care, and maintenance of personal protection equipment (PPE) to protect against short duration thermal exposure from fire. NFPA 2113 reduces the risk of incorrect selection, use, maintenance, and damaged flame-resistant garments.

OSHA considers garments to be personal protective equipment (PPE). According to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269, employers are required to provide employees with arc-rated FR garments equal to or greater than the estimated heat energy a worker may be exposed to.

Because we can fully customize your uniform program, we can identify your needs and make sure you have the tools to be successful. Flame-resistant clothing needs to be at the highest quality every day while providing durable, clean, and comfortable uniforms to keep your employees safe, compliant, and productive. Lechner Services makes sure the clothing you provide to your employees meets or exceeds national standards so you can have peace of mind.

Let Lechner Services help you provide more than just a uniform to your employees. We want to make sure everyone around your company feels safe and proud of their work.

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