Maintenance & Janitorial Uniforms

Create a Professional Image for Your Maintenance and Janitorial Staff

For 50 years, Lechner Services has specialized in Uniform rental all across the Chicagoland area.

We know how important a uniform program can be for your employees. Uniforms instill pride and a sense of belonging, and by choosing Lechner as your uniform service provider, we ensure accuracy and the highest level of service possible while saving you money.

We have learned that especially uniforms for your cleaning staff or maintenance technician uniforms can tremendously impact morale. Janitorial uniforms immediately identify your staff as a knowledgeable source of information when it comes to keeping the office clean. Nobody wants to work in a dirty office, and by providing janitor uniforms, you show them they care and matter to your organization.

Equally important is working equipment in and around your facility. Your maintenance workers are oftentimes the beating heart of the operation. Lechner services can provide you with clean and good-looking maintenance uniforms year-round.

Janitorial and maintenance staff often have to deal with adverse conditions and deal with contaminants and other harmful material. By letting us clean your uniforms, we guarantee they come back contaminant free and are always free of bacteria.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Mount Prospect is built for the sole purpose of cleaning laundry.

Our building guarantees your garments never get cross-contaminated. Because we have no open dock, no contaminants can make their way onto your uniforms. Everything is handled internally with a wall separating clean from dirty inside our building.

Let us handle your uniforms so you can focus on your business.

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