Industrial workwear

Reliable Work Apparel to Keep Your Employees Safe on the Job

No matter the industry, Lechner Services wants to make sure you have the work uniforms you need to keep your employees safe.

Especially in an industrial manufacturing environment, it’s important that you can rely on your uniform services to provide you with extraordinary service and protective clothing to keep you as effective as possible. We offer everything from high-vis clothes, including high visibility jackets and any other clothing, to flame and fire-retardant options.

We customize flame retardant clothing programs based on the customer’s requirements. All of our fire-retardant clothing comply or exceed industry standards.

Selecting the proper garment and material is part of the overall flame-resistant safety solution. Proper laundering and care of the garment are essential for the continued long-term protection of your employees.

Hi-vis shirts and hi-visibility clothing are important to keep everyone safe on the job. A vital element to hi-vis clothes is a source of light that reflects off the retro-reflective panels. When you don’t have this light, workers won’t be seen as easily. This is why the background material of hi-vis garments are as important as the reflective panels. We make sure the protective clothing equipped with such technology is cleaned with extreme care, and our state-of-the-art technology inside our plant in Chicago will ensure you always get your uniforms in the best condition possible. We know your employees rely on their uniforms to be in top shape, let us help you provide them with peace of mind surrounding their uniforms.

Lechner Services has specialized in uniform rental for 50 years, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to make sure all of our services are customized to your needs, and you have everything you need to make sure your employees feel comfortable in their protective work uniforms.

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