High Visibility & Safety Uniforms

Utility and Construction Protective Work Clothes

While uniforms can be an important identifier for business, they can also drastically improve safety.

High visibility garments make sure employees can see each other while working on a busy plant floor or outside in your parking lot. Whether at night or during the day, Lechner Services can help you provide the uniforms you need to keep your employees safe.

Our high visibility jackets are comfortable to wear and provide maximum safety. Reflector jackets, safety vests with pockets, safety uniforms, reflective vests, and safety shirts can also help make sure your employees have the right garment for the job without sacrificing safety.

High visibility clothing might not necessarily be required for the job your employees are doing, but High-visibility garments provide an extra layer of protection against hazards they might not see coming.

Safety professionals in companies apart from the construction industry need to remember that there may be situations at their worksites that call for high-visibility clothing. A forklift may cross residential streets. Workers need to wear high-visibility garments, even if the forklift has reflectors, to avoid accidents.

All of our programs are highly customizable, and we will meet with you to determine what choice of high visibility garments might be best for your company. We want to make sure you have the tools to provide a safe work environment for all of your employees while ensuring it stays affordable.

If you’re not seen, you’re at risk. Hi-vis gear that’s old, worn, and dirty will not do the job.

By trusting Lechner Services with taking care of your high visibility garments, we make sure they are always at their best to keep everyone safe.

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