Flame & Arc Resistant

Fire-Resistant Clothing for Optimal Protection

Regardless of what industry you are in, Lechner Services has the fire-resistant clothing you need to provide you with the tools to keep your employees safe.

Flame resistant clothing (FR Clothing) is self-extinguishing and non-melting which will limit exposure and injury. Workers can be engulfed in flames during an electric arc or flame condition and most severe burns and fatalities are caused by non-flame-resistant clothing igniting and continuing to burn. Skin that is under non-flame-resistant clothing is often burned more severely than exposed skin.

Lechner Services close up of a Bulwark FR patch and American Flag on a FR Jacket

We customize flame resistant uniform programs based on the customer’s requirements. All of our fire-resistant garments comply or exceed industry standards.


  • Pretoleum Refining
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Electric or Gas Utility
  • Manufacturing
  • Molten Metal

you can count on us to provide you with

  • Fire resistant gloves
  • Fire resistant jackets
  • Arc resistant uniforms
  • Fire proximity suits
  • Fire hoodies
  • Flame resistant pants
  • Flame resistant coveralls
  • Fire retardant shirts
  • Fire resistant shirts and jeans
  • Any fireproof clothing
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