At Lechner Services, we want to make sure keeping cool also means keeping comfortable.

While you could make your employees wear multiple layers of clothing when they work inside your cold storage or freezer, we offer a far better solution.

Our cold storage uniforms ensure employee productivity by keeping your employees comfortable when working in arctic temperatures. If your employees don’t wear the proper gear, all of their energy goes into heating their bodies while they are working. That energy is then lost and can’t be used to do their actual job.

We offer everything from cold storage jackets to complete cold storage uniforms. Our cold storage apparel can help take the burden off of your business to make sure employees always wear clean and safe clothes on the job.

As your cold storage clothing supplier, we make sure your cold storage clothes are always in top shape and can take on temperatures far below the -50-degree Fahrenheit point. Cold employees can be sluggish and clumsy, meaning more chances for accidents at work. In addition to putting their own safety at risk, employees exposed to cold conditions without proper protection could endanger those around them as well. Providing cold-weather gear such as a cold storage freezer suit can not only improve safety at work, it can also increase employee happiness and satisfaction.

Let us help you be cool while staying safe and setting your employees up for success working inside your cold storage facility.

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