Why Lechner

The Lechner Difference Includes Attention to Detail and A Focus on the Customer's Needs

Lechner Services prides itself on being family-owned and operated for 50 years.

We have called Chicagoland home for decades and continue to be one of the fastest-growing independent laundering vendors globally.

We care about our community. By being local, our contributions stay in our area. We provide a valuable tax base for schools, community organizations, and programs helping those less fortunate. It’s always our goal to go above and beyond for our customers and be a partner. The same goes for our home in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

We take a professional approach to our jobs, yet we are a local organization that reacts and communicates quickly, creating customized solutions for locally owned organizations and national companies. By being independent we can make decisions solely based on our customers’ needs and wants. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing you with everything from mat rental service, towel cleaning service to uniform rental and cleaning supplies. We want to provide quality service based on you being our business partner.

Our state-of-the-art technology throughout the organization including our ULTRA Tracking System and a fully automated washroom helps us to take care of our customers.

We do not have a lot of bureaucratic layers, including our leadership, that ultimately you, the customer has to pay for. With all the value we provide in service, our high-quality garments and state of the art technology, we can offer a best in class price and value to our customers.

-President, Brian Lechner

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