The Lechner Plant

Real Time Data to Drive Customer Service

Our plant is a representation of who we are as a company. We want to make sure our customers can benefit from our commitment to using the best technology possible and our drive for innovation.

Our plant, including our office and headquarters, is located in Mount Prospect, Illinois. It was built as a state-of-the-art laundry with the customer in mind. By having a processing facility designated exclusively for industrial laundry, we can ensure consistent service and total quality management.

By cleaning your soiled garments quickly at our facility, we can sort everything faster and in turn, provide you with your uniforms and facility products quicker and more accurately.

Our ULTRA Tracking System can provide you with real-time data on where your uniforms currently are when they are going to arrive and if there are any changes in your service. Our system produces a 99% accuracy rate and makes sure quality assurance is a given.

On top of our ULTRA Tracking System, our building also guarantees your garments never get cross-contaminated. Because we have no open dock, no contaminants can make their way onto your uniforms. Everything is handled internally with a wall separating soiled from clean inside our building.


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